Do you dread making a Doctor’s appointment and even more going to see the doctor?  Of course we all love our doctor, but it’s waiting in the waiting room and wondering if you will see friends, coworkers or acquaintances that will ask you why you are there or try to talk to you about your symptoms.  Our suggestion is to stay home and Skype with Dr. Rubin.

Telemedicine is now approved by the States of California and Washington.  The American Medical Association has published their opinion on it and it is positive,  please go to our twitter feed to see an article recently published by the Journal of the American Medical Association to read more.

Perhaps you are in a location that makes seeing a qualified MD difficult. There are very few with the stellar qualifications and experience that Dr. Judith Rubin possesses. Do you have to drive hundreds of miles or endure terrible traffic to see a doctor.  Use Facetime to connect.  We can also use Go to Meeting. There is no wait time and you can choose when and where you see the doctor.