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Andropause Or Low Testosterone

Andropause or Low Testosterone , is a result of a gradual drop in a man’s ability to produce testosterone.

Andropause or Low Testosterone, is a result of a gradual drop in a man’s ability to produce testosterone. In a young man, the normal level of testosterone is between 750-1200 pg/ml. This gives a young man his sense of self-confidence, desire, mental acumen, energy, and muscle mass. As a man ages, his testosterone level gradually falls. Consequently, men lose the vitality they had when they were younger. Frequently, men complain about losing their drive, they lose interest in sex along with the ability to perform. They gain weight and lose muscle mass.

At Nouveau Health, we analyze the patient’s baseline serum testosterone and other lab tests dependent upon each individual patient’s history. Blood tests which may be required include FSH, LH, GNRH, Testosterone free and total, prolactin, PSA, CBC TSH, Free T4, T3 total, and Prolactin. If a patient is older than 50, he will be required to have a prostate exam by his local physician on a yearly basis. Based upon the patient’s test results, medical history, Family history, Social history, and physical exam; our physicians will discuss the various options with the patient and together they will decide on the best options. Treatment options may include: GNRH analogues like Clomid, HCG  which is an LH analogue, FSH which increases sperm production, testosterone transdermal creams, or lastly testosterone injections to reestablish men’s sex hormones to a healthy physiological level. We monitor the metabolites of testosterone, fractionated estrogens, complete blood count, and PSA every 6 months to ensure safety, efficacy, and to maintain optimal health. Please see our blog for a discussion of Clomid along with the resource page for peer review articles.

Testosterone Restoration with Clomid

Once brought to a physiological and healthy level, men can expect to be stronger, leaner, have an increase in vitality, mental clarity, energy, and sexual function along with a greater lean body mass.

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