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My experience has been VERY POSITIVE! Dr. Rubin is so easy to talk to and confide in. I feel like a new person in just one month! I can't wait to see how I'll feel in 6 months!
Thank you Dr. Rubin:-)


A.S. Says: 8/26/2016

Thank you so very much Dr. Rubin. On a 1 to 10 you get a 12!
I was a bit skeptical about online medicine?
But it works and you win it!
I feel and look younger, more strength just fantastic.
We should do before and after images
my significant other also sends you a big thank you!
You know

M.W. Says:

“I have been here once, great experience. Dr. Rubin is wonderful. She is knowledgeable, sensitive to your concerns, and talks through everything with you to make you fully understand what is going on. You really do leave feeling like a million bucks.”