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Above is a Hormone imbalance test for women. Women are peri menopausal for approximately 10 years. The first hormone to decrease is testosterone which decreases in the late  30’s to early 40’s. This causes a hormone imbalance and symptoms of hormone imbalance such as low libido, decreased energy, low self confidence.

Several years later progesterone levels decrease which leads to moodiness, irregular periods, insomnia ,  irritability, and anxiety. All of these symptoms are from a hormone imbalance and can be successfully treated with bioidentical hormones.

The last hormone to decrease is estrogen. When you lose estrogen all hormone levels are low and you have a complete hormone imbalance. Women experience memory loss, hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness, and their hair thins, there nails become brittle, and their skin thickness decreases from 1.25mm to 0.75 mm.

Hormone imbalance and its symptoms and sequelae are easily treatable using bioidentical hormones with an experienced physician. Women can expect to regain their joy in life, have a healthy sex drive and ability to climax, lubricate well when sexually aroused, have better motivation, energy, and self confidence. Women will also have better sleep, no longer be anxious, irritable, or overwhelmed along with the relief of no longer having hot flashes, night sweats or vaginal dryness. Women can expect their memory to improve along with their ability to concentrate.Their hair will thicken and grow faster as will their nails and skin.

It is important that you chose a physician who is knowledgable and experienced in managing hormone replacement and the metabolites of bioidentical hormones. Dr Rubin has over 20 years of experience in hormone balancing.

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Concierge Telemedicine Practice

Licensed to Practice in the States of:

California, Florida & Washington